Having emailed ASRock about this and never received a reply, thought I would post it on a more well known forum to get some more opinions and hopefully a response from ASRock.

Im a computer and tech enthusiast like all of you here, but I also do graphic design as a hobby. One of the design forums I am a member of has a group project every year where they make "fantasy interface" designs.

One of these designs, from the 2010 group project (which we call a "battlebay") has been ripped by ASRock (or their child brand, XFAST) and plastered all over their new advertisements including boxes for their new motherboards.

Here is the original design by Bency:

Clearly the design firm hired by ASRock, or in house artist has ripped the work of Bency.

ASRock has failed to reply to any communication regarding this, and its frustrating not know any answers.