I recently just bought parts for my new computer. After getting them all in, I carefully assembled it and installed windows XP, it being the only disk I had at the time. When my windows 7 disk came in on Monday, I popped it in, formatted my hard drive, and told it to install. After the installation, it attempted to restart. This is where the problem began. The computer now refuses to boot up past the "ASRock" screen that comes on directly after pushing the power button.
I don't think its my video card as it was working before hand very well, and nothing changed except for the windows 7.
My build is as fallows:
P67 Extreme 4 Gen 3, Intel i5 2500k, Corsair 750 watt power supply and corsair vengance ram, 500gb seagate barracuda, GTX Geforce 480, all inside a coolermaster HAF tower, don't remember the number but its the large one.

I really cannot figure out the problem. I fallowed all the steps on the Tom's Hardware site and nothing worked, and I've taken out all the parts/wiring and have redone it twice.