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Thread: Testing Extreme6 z77 (won't power up)

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    Question Testing Extreme6 z77 (won't power up)

    Hello everyone! Over the past few month I've been buying new components to get ready and build and Ivy Bridge based desktop. A few days ago quite a few motherboards based on z77 came out and I stopped my decision on ASRock z77 Extreme6 motherboard. I got it yesterday (it was my birthday too :D, just in time).

    Today I've put it into the case, and connected everything but the CPU. I don't have any LGA1155 CPUs yet. However, when I tried to turn it on, not a single light would come on, and not a single fan will spin. So I unplugged everything, and shorted 2 pins on the PSU to make sure PSU is working, and it did. PSU fans started spinning, and I read 5 volts between black and red wires with a multimeter.

    I've looked online and I found that different motherboards will act very different without the CPU. So my question is - is this the correct behavior of Extreme6 z77? Should I wait until ivy bridge comes out. Or should I RMA this board?

    P.S. Yea I know I should have waited and get everything at the same time, but I got too excited when I saw the specs :D
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