i have bougth a new home server system last week with the following components:

- ASrock H-67m-ITX
- Core I3 2125
- Scythe Kozuti CPU Cooler
- 2 x 4 GB Team Memory
- Chenbro 34069 Case
- 1 x 500 GB 2,5" Seagate System Drive
- 2 x 2 TB Seagate HDD Data Drives
- Windows Home Server 2011 with Lights Out Addin
- Latest Intel x64 Chipset drivers
- Latest Intel x64 HD drivers
- Latest Intel x64 RST drivers
- Latest Asrock XTU Software

My problem is, that the Fan Controll of the Board is not very good respectively the fan is too loud.
The ASRock extreme tuner (XTU) software shows me a cpu temperature of 35 to 40 degrees but the cpu fan runs at least with 2500 rpm (specs: 800 (Ī30%) - 3.300upm).

In Bios I have configured automatic fan control with level 2 (level 1 makes nearly no difference) and target temperature of 60 degrees.

Where is the problem of my system?

For test purposes only, I have edited the xml files from my motherboard in the ASROCK XTU folder and now the fan speed decreases from 2500 to 1400 (changed the value from 115 to 70).
Now the noise is ok but this canít be the solution because with active ASROCK XTU the system has sometimes problems with the hibernation mode.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.