I seem to have trouble with sharing files over my home lan with my fata1ity pro gen 3 pc. i cant seem to copy files to or from other pc's on my lan- it says 'copying files' at 20kbps and then hangs.

Ive checked and checked again my configurations, even reinstalled windows but there is nothing wrong with my settings. I have no problem copying files between other pc's on the network with the same settings.

I read somewhere online that this could be a lan driver issue but reinstalling the driver has had no effect.

Has anyone else had similar problems and if so how did u rectify the problem?

To simplify the troubleshooting process, firewalls are disabled, all pc's are windows 7 and on 'HOME' homegroup and share the same homegroup password, file and print sharing is on, password protected sharing is off, security settings for shared folders have the user 'Everyone' set to full control. any help appreciated!