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Thread: A75 Extreme6 - BIOS keeps resetting

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    Default Re: A75 Extreme6 - BIOS keeps resetting

    Quote Originally Posted by tootallofwa View Post
    I just ordered the A75 Extreme6... should get it tomorrow.
    I'm also wanting a PATA board, I'm thinking PCIex1 interface.

    I will also want to swap drives in and out. I don't want your problem though.

    Did you try taking the pata out? What's the model of PATA adapter?

    I can shuttle the files off my ATA drive onto a sata before I ditch this asus a8e.
    I want pata to maintain my modded xbox's. It wouldn't be worth the hassle to reset drive order even with only 1 bootable hd.

    I'll have 400GB boot, 3-1TB, 1-3TB and 250GB-2.5 all sata, 6.65TB(unformatted) on 6 drives
    The PATA card is: SYBA SD-SA2PEX-2IR PCI Express SATA II RAID Controller

    My setup is
    2 x Patriot Torqx 2 64GB SSD S5FAM017 (boot, OS, ZIL)
    3 x ST3500630A 500GB PATA
    2 x HDS725050KLA360 500G SATA
    3 x ST3500630AS 500G SATA
    1 x ST31500341AS 1500G SATA

    I'm still unsure as to what the cause is. I essentially tested without my PATA card when I tried to recreate the flaw at the shop, and was unsuccessful.
    When I got home, I just reconnected everything, with my SSDs in the 0 and 1 SATA slots, and didn't do much poking around.
    I also moved my PATA card to PCIe slot 0, just in case that helped.

    I guess cross your fingers?

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    Default Re: A75 Extreme6 - BIOS keeps resetting

    Update: Yes the the bios does keep resetting.

    There is something really funky about the the physical ordering of the sata ports.
    You would think that p0 should be the primary drive port, but that is not the way the bios sees it.

    The simple way around is to put the boot drive on the port that keeps popping up as the boot drive after the BIOS resets itself.
    But I'm also getting ATA connectivity on SATA drives as reported by win7 device mgr.

    st1000dm003-9yn162 SATA p0 sata3 cable after firmware update Computer Mgmt #1
    st3000dm001-1ch166 SATA p1 sata3 cable Computer Mgmt #2
    wdc wd25 00bevt-60zct1 SATA p2 sata2 cable Computer Mgmt #4
    hds72404 0klsa80 SATA p3 sata2 cable Computer Mgmt #3
    HL-DT-ST DVDRAM gh22ns50 ATA p4 sata2 cable Computer Mgmt #5
    wdc wd1001fals-00j7b1 ATA p5 sata2 cable Thinks this is my primary drive Computer Mgmt #0

    Can't seem to post this with columns.

    HP Photosmart C4700 USB Device also shown as disk by device mgr in win7

    With this arrangement I have to select boot device to not boot to wd1001fals which has a bad grub loader on it.


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