Hi, first, thank you to ASRock for providing tech support help in this forum; I do appreciate it.

Here is the problem I'm experiencing:

I've assembled a new build, the parts are all listed in my profile. When I power the system on, it's power-cycling: turns on for about a second, then shuts down for a couple seconds, repeatedly until I flip the switch on the PSU. There are no beeps or indicators on the debugging console on the mobo.

I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting everything twice. I've also tried pulling the ram and checking each stick in each slot. This has not made a difference; the system is still power-cycling.

Is this potentially a symptom of receiving a mobo with BIOS 1.00 and trying to start up with a Core-i7 3820 chip installed? (I know that it's only compatible with BIOS v 1.60+; I had hoped to flash the BIOS from a USB stick.) I had expected some error codes or beeps at the very least...

Thanks very much for your time and assistance!