Hello, I own an Asrock mobo, mod. K10N78FullHD-hSLI rev. G/A 3.12.
His original bios was ver. 1.20, and the PC was running fine with the on board graphics and Windows XP pro 32bit.
I buyed a new PCI-Express VGA card, ZOTAC GT520 1GB DDR3, and tried to install it, but I noticed many problems during the normal use of the PC ( rebooting, freeze and so on ).
So I decided to upgrade the bios with a new version, and I downloaded the K10N78FullHD-hSLI(2.30)DOS.zip package for the rev. 3.0, from the Asrock site.
These were the steps to flash it:
- ran the pc in pure DOS mode with a floppy disk formatted under Windows with the boot MS-DOS files, and with the K10H7223.EXE bios file in.
- started the flashing utility, then, at the end, I got these two alerts : PROCESS ENDED NORMALLY - CHECKSUM DESTROYED
From that moment the system won't boot in any way, as the mobo was upgraded with a wrong bios.
Please, I need help to recover the right bios of my motherboard.
Thanx in advance to those who will help me.