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Thread: RAM problem

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    Question RAM problem

    Hey, i had a problem for some time now with my new RAM. Normally i would have 2sticks of 512 ram but i got from a friend 2 sticks of 2gb( click1 ) and another 2 of 1gb ( click2 ). I tried them to see if they
    are working but they didn't. Every time i opened my pc it would give me a black screen, eventually saying that the screen is unplugged.
    I gave up for some time but yesterday i had an idea and i tried it out. I changed the frequency from bios and tried to put in the RAM again, some of them worked, but something very strange happened if i put 2 sticks of 2gb it doesn't work, if i put one of them it shows only 1gb. if i put one stick of 1gb it works, two no. I managed to get one stick of 1gb and one of 512, but then i tried putting one stick of 2gb and one of 1gb and here i am having 3gb of ram but when i open my pc it says that i only have 2gb.
    So i stand here, having one stick of 2gb which my pc sees it as only 1gb, and one stick of 1gb. That brings me a total of 2gb and i don't know why.
    The ram is working 100% tried them at some of my friends.
    Ah, and one funny thing, now the 2gb stick is in the first slot near the CPU, but if i change them, put the 1gb in there and the 2gb in the other slot, black screen, we meet again.

    motherboard: ASRock N68-S ( click3 )
    CPU: AMD Phenom quad core 9650 2.3ghz
    OS: Windows xp professional 32-bit, sp3.
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