Hi, I've got a working p4al-800 motherboard,wich i'm using on my cnc mill. My setup is as follows:

-asrock p4al-800 motherboard
-2 gb of ddr 400 ram
- pny geforce 6200 gpu 512 ram
- 400w psu
- 2.0 P4 processor [email protected]

Everything works just fine till i've tried to upgrade the processor to a brand new 3.0 P4...it just don't boot, ive updated the bios to the latest version and still no go. I know for a fact that the processor is working i have other p4 based machines and it works just fine, even the 2.8ghz p4 don't boot....looking at asrock website both this processors should be supported.

Is something here that i'm missing?!