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Thread: H61m-vs R2.0 CPU Ratio not working after BIOS update

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    Default Re: H61m-vs R2.0 CPU Ratio not working after BIOS update

    I realize this thread is a bit old, but I figured i'd give it a shot. I'm using the ASROCK Z68M/USB3 motherboard with an intel sandybridge i3-2105 (with HD3000 graphics). I performed a similar bios update from stock 1.00 to 2.10 and then 2.20. For me, I now can no longer change my GT Overclock settings. It is stuck at the minimum (below the default of 1100mhz) of 850mhz. I had been overclocking to 1350mhz or 1400mhz before the change which is now no longer possible.

    I've tried to flash back down to 1.00 but the instant flash will not even recongize that file to flash back to. Do you have any advice on where to go from here? ASROCK's customer service has been unresponsive. I am interested in your AMI loader. Where did you get that? Do you know if it will work for my motherboard?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    Default Re: H61m-vs R2.0 CPU Ratio not working after BIOS update

    Are you trying to adjust the gt frequency from the ATXU app or from the bios? If you're using the app, use the bios instead. I figured out that ATXU sometimes doesn't change and sync settings properly with the bios. Also check if its running faster. I used to run 1500mhz and it pushed out 9500gt performance. Quite decent for low res gaming. If this doesn't help, let me know and I'll send you a link for the v1.00 bios with AMI loader.

    I thought these problem would have been fixed months ago, but no, ASRock rather put fancy OC records all over the press instead of focusing on making their products and customer service better. From any customer service I had to deal with, ASRock takes the cake when it comes to being the worst. They don't reply to important emails, even PM'd a rep on this site, she ignored me, and their updates give more problems rather than fixing them. I'll be upgrading to a Z68/Z77 board soon and it will either be asus, gigabyte or msi. Never again will I buy an ASRock product.

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