This board has been a pain to get setup but I have managed to whittle the problems down to 1 last remaining.

When shutting down the mobo hangs at error code 0X05 "oem initialization before microcode loading" This is a fresh build with windows 7 64 bit sp 1 . Started out with the preloaded bios however I downloaded 1.4 from ASRock > Products > Motherboard > Z77 Extreme6 > Download and I still have the same issue. Did a fresh install of the drivers and still no luck.

I will be calling tech support however their hours suck for me. So hopefully I could get an answer here before that. Thanks in advance.

Also just an FYI for any would be builders. As soon as you put a gfx card in, The video out from mobo stops working and you just get a nice blank screen :)... You need to hook up your monitor to the gfx card even for testing. Kinda silly so beware.

Thanks for any info.