So after using the windows utility to update my bios from 1.00 to 1.20 my computer reset and is now forever frozen at the initial splash screen with code 98 at the bottom right.

I know it has to do with input devices such as having things plugged into the USB 3.0 slots.

This time though I have tried everything I can to get past this screen:

*I have unplugged all peripherals except the monitor cable and still get the code
*I have cleared my CMOS using the button and the jumper and removing the battery
*I have used a PS/2 keyboard
*I have tried plugging in my keyboard and mouse in every USB slot combination possible
*I have left the computer on for an hour and still have not gotten it to boot up or allowed me to access the BIOS

So I beg of any of you out there please help me with my problem. I have already sent in a support request and am still waiting for a reply. Thanks for reading!