Hi, I've replaced my Phenom 2 CPU to an FX8120 and was looking forward to finally give my A-Data DDR3 2000 rams a go for their money but unfortunately I only get 1866 as an option in BIOS. I thought DDR3 2000 (OC) in the boards spec meant that the way I could select 1600 with the Phenom 2 I'll be able to select 2000 with the FX CPU. Specs: Mobo: Asrock 890GM Pro3 r2.0 (BIOS 1.51a - got it from Asrock support to fix the PWM ramp issue otherwise same as 1.50) CPU: FX8120 Ram: 2X2GB A-Data Gaming DDR3 2000 Thanks for the reply's in advance.