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parsec, I believe you have answered my questions on this issue, completely. I have learned a few things from your answers and from the replies I got from other posters. I'm going to "leave well-enough" alone, and not make any changes pertaining to fan hook-ups. This is one more issue out of the way, which helps to reduce my stress level.

I'm most grateful for your answers and the time you spent!
You're welcome. Actually, I just discovered another likely reason why that tech did not use the Chassis 1 fan connector. I've only had my ASR board for a week, so I'm still discovering all its quirks... uhm, features. If your board is similar to mine (Z77 board), the Chassis 1 fan connector is a four pin, PWM speed controlled fan header. That's the type used on most CPU cooler fans. Most if not all PC case chassis fans use the standard three pin connector. If you put a three pin fan connector on a four pin PWM header (as the fan connections on a mother board are sometimes called), which is possible, the fan will run at full speed all the time, and cannot have its speed controlled.

So that tech new what he was doing when he used the 'Y' cable for both of those fans.