Hi, Since installing my Z77-Extreme4 and reinstalling windows my PC often blue screens when resuming from sleep. It shows the username prompt, I click on it, 60 seconds later PC blue screens and reboots.

On the 27th June 2012 my internet speed dropped from 20mbps to 6mbps. I have tested each point up to my computer. The router (Dlink DIR655), has been factory reset and reconfigured, as has the modem (DSL-526B). I replaced all cables, line filter and connected a laptop directly to the modem. I got a solid 20mbps.

I then isolated each device until I got back to my computer. With a laptop plugged into my LAN cable, I get 20mpbs. With my computer plugged in I only get 6mbps. All other computers in house are getting 20mpbs.

Updated BIOS to latest 1.80. Uninstalled and reinstalled INF, LAN and all other drivers. Reloaded my windows from a macrium image back up I took a week ago, before the slow speed started.

LAN light is green. Network properties say I have a 1gbps connection, not that this matters for Internet.

COuld these be faults with the motherboard?