Hi everyone,

today I bought a new Z77 / i7-3770 / 8 GB and I was hoping to be able to work tonight... NO WAY...

Plugged Z77 into my existing case, connected it to my existing BeQuiet P8 1000W and ... after 2 hours trying I received a welcome logo!

But nothing more... I tried nearly anything to get rid of those red flags in System Browser, plugged any connections off the board, even with nothing connected to it the only things I get is a default UEFI Bios which shows me, which slots are blank and black screen with a blinking cursor. Nothing more, no chance.

Entering UEFI-Bios, it shows me CPU, RAM (yellow), Fan speed, etc. It even shows my SATA drive - if connected - but with a red flag... Exiting this bios leaves me with a black screen and a blinking cursor.

Starting up with nothing connected doesn't even show me any BIOS information, no memory, nothing. I get the BIOS logo and - you're right - the blinking cursor.

Any ideas?

Thx / Best regards,