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Thread: Questions about 1st OS Installation on New Asrock Z77 X4

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    Default Re: Questions about 1st OS Installation on New Asrock Z77 X4

    Quote Originally Posted by odiebugs View Post
    Thank You for your helpful post,
    There are conflicting reports on which is the better Sata3 controller between Asmedia, Ejtron, Marvel and Intel.
    So i was hoping i wasnt running into any of those issues, but i guess i will eventually.

    My BSOD came during OS(Xp32) installation not Mobo disk setup, and was caused by Sata3,ports and ACHI etc..

    Form my understanding, OS/64bit can read 32bits files but not vice versa. I am thinking I either had a dud mobo disk or manufacturer had used a OS/64bit to create the software
    Luckily i could still install usb-wifi from cd rom to connect to the internet to find the mobo drivers. If it had been Lan internet access, i would be quite screwed.

    Will install SSD drivers once I can get OS installed. Thank you very much for your help.
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    Default Re: Questions about 1st OS Installation on New Asrock Z77 X4

    Most all chipset Sata 3 ports are real Sata 3.

    The Marvell 9120, 9128, 9172, 9220, are not real Sata 3, they are junk.

    What I would do is try and install the SSD on both, first use the chipset (Intel) , then run ATTO and see what kind of speed you get. ( just make sure all drivers are installed )

    Then try and install it on the ASMedia as a boot, then run ATTO. Now you will know what kind of performance you get out of the controllers and which is the better one to use.

    With my vertex 3, it takes less then 16mins to install OS, you can install OS, all drivers, run test, then use the utility from your SSD MFG to clean the drive, check firmware, then install on the other controller and install drivers and test.

    The 32 bit OS can't run 64 bit executables. The 64 bit OS can run both 32 and 64 bit applications, but a 32b can see the files and won't BSOD just because you are looking at them, but just can't execute them.

    I don't think you posted what SSD you have but check your read write speed from the MFG.

    Its important to check the firmware version of your SSD, there could be an update version because of problems.

    I have no clue why you would want XP, but to each his own.

    XP does not have TRIM support for a SSD, it also stinks for new hardware and lacks with new hardware.

    You should really be using win 7, or 8.

    Win 8 works fine on most hardware out, the Metro stinks, but it can be made to stay hidden, a start orb can be replaced.

    The newer the OS, the better it can use the hardware.

    If you have paid for XP and its the only reason, you can get any OS, vista, win 7 off the net for free.

    You can download win 7 for free, legally, but it only works for 30 day's and then you need to activate it.

    Google is your best friend if you need something, all you need to do is ask google.
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    Default Re: Questions about 1st OS Installation on New Asrock Z77 X4

    "Unanswered... if Xp 32bit reads Asrock Z77 X4 mobo disk"

    Actually, if you re-read my post you'll see I did install the 32 bit version of XP, it was in fact SP2, after installation it was upgraded to SP3 and yes, that driver CD does have the 32 bit drivers on it. It installed them just fine.

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    Default Re: Questions about 1st OS Installation on New Asrock Z77 X4

    When using XP of any type, not only will TRIM not exist, but the alignment of the OS installation will be incorrect. That is, it will not begin on an address that is evenly divisible by four. That will affect SSD performance, particularly write performance. So if your SSD has poor benchmark performance, do not be surprised.

    I wonder if the offer by Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 8 for $40 applies to XP as well? That offer is only good until mid January 2013 at best, so don't forget if you are interested. You'll need to wait until October for the release of Windows 8. You could download and install Windows 8 Release Preview for free right now.

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