I sent this email to asrock a few weeks back, and I am NOT asking for just hand out I really feel and know that I should simply be happy with my life and that somehow I messed up this mobo and I do not expect handouts from anyone. But I never even got a responce from them now maybe its my childish ways of thinking as my mom puts it, but I just kind of expected at least a nod from asrock saying they received my email and they cannot help me, but my mom says by not responding they are basically telling me to take a hike there is nothing they can do.. Is it me being childish hoping they would at least respond? I don't know I just need to blow off some steam while I am at my friend danny's house while she takes a shower. Thanks for anyone who responds but please understand I am not saying I expect asrock or member to give me a handout so don't please just don't leave hateful stuff I am not whining.

To Whom It May Concern:
Hello my name is Alex Eamon DiNozzo Jr, I am 15 years old & I
live in Burlington Vermont. In January 2012 my dad bought me an Asrock
X79 Extreme6/GB Motherboard. I was so thrilled with the board as I had
wanted for several years to own a board made by Asrock.
In April 2012 my dad committed suicide, I do not think I understood the
amount of stress my dad had on him at the time & I donít think I could
have or even today do I understand the stress he had nor do I think I
understand the impact this has had on my life. I know I have become
rather withdrawn my friends & I suppose I am almost like a turtle holed
up in a shell. Anyways back to why I am writing this email, I had to
dust out my pc about a month ago, and when I did something metal must
have fallen somehow and when I turned my pc back on there was a spark
and then nothing. I have had the board looked at by a friend of my dads
who builds pcs & he said the board is fried. I know itís not covered by
warranty as it was done by something I did so I am not saying anything
bad about the board. I cannot figure what fell or caused the spark but
it is what it is.
Being 15 I canít readily get work and my mom is trying as hard as she
can to keep up with bills and keep a roof over our head and food on our
table so she cannot afford to buy me a new board. My dad and I sold my
old pc when we bought me the Intel Core i7-3820 processor. Do not get
me wrong my parents have never been rich and even though this was the
low end processor I was and still am thrilled. But being that I cannot
use the processor without a board itís just hard to cope with.
I saw recently that Asrock is going to be releasing a new board the X79
Extreme11 I know I cannot begin to afford this board. Just like I
cannot afford to replace my current board. I feel ashamed in writing to
this company and asking for something I cannot afford to pay for but I
do not know exactly what else to do at this time. I cannot ask my mom
because I donít want to hurt her or have her hurt when she has to say
no. Anyways I am sure Asrock gets millions if not billions of requests
for products daily and I will just be another kid asking for something
that I do not deserve as I am the one who messed up my board. But my
dad always said ďwhatís the harm in askingĒ. And so I am asking if
there is anyway Asrock would be willing to give me, donate to me, gift
me a motherboard? I know that I do not deserve it and in no way is
Asrock obligated to do this for me, but it would mean the world to me.
I use my pc a lot for gaming and the case I have is a cooler master
cosmos II, so I can fit a good sized motherboard. The board I really
would love is the X79 Extreme11 but I would settle for anything in the
x79 line. I wish I had money or something other than a simple please
and thank you to offer but I donít.
I will leave you with a humble thank you for reading my email and ask
that even if this is a no that maybe you please email me so that I know
and can just keep collecting bottle and saving pennies to hopefully
earn enough to buy a board of some kind. Thanks again for reading my
Alex Eamon DiNozzo Jr