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Thread: Machine check error Z68M-ITX

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    Default Machine check error Z68M-ITX

    I seem to be getting random "machine check errors" when trying to boot from USB devices.

    Bios splash screen shows then black screen with large text "machine check error" shows and computer gets stuck in a boot loop.

    Powering off and then on again usually resolves the issue

    Celeron g530
    Crucial 1066mhz 2gb (x2)
    OS is openelec installed on USB

    I have updated the bios to version 2.30 from asrock website

    Have run 7 passes with memtest

    Reseated all connectors on motherboard, inc heatsink.

    This problem seems to only occur when booting from USB. Happened when trying to boot using memtest bootable USB as well as gparted live USB & Openelec

    installed os on internal hdd and problem did not seem to replicate - but this has not been extensively tested.

    I have had no response from ASRock support as yet

    Pulling my hair out a bit as this is a HTPC in the family room and makes it hard to use.

    When it boots up fine (75% of the time) the machine runs fine, no problem at all.

    Help greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Machine check error Z68M-ITX

    Really thought I had resolved this issue by reseating the CPU but the error has just happened again.

    struggling with this and need some help. Anyone?

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    Default Re: Machine check error Z68M-ITX

    Hey guys,

    I finally found a fix for this that actually works. Turns out that UEFI bios doesn't play nice with syslinux 4.05. To fix it I updated to the latest version of xbmc(openelec 3.0) and then ran the following commands in ssh to update extlinux:

    cd /usr/bin
    mount -o remount,rw /flash
    ./extlinux -U /flash

    The output of the update line was:
    /flash is device /dev/sda1

    Then I typed in "reboot" and haven't seen the machine check error since.

    I didn't figure this out on my own... found it here OpenELEC Mediacenter - OpenELEC Forum - Topic: [SOLVED] Machine_Check_Error UEFI Asrock (2/2).

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