Hello, i have some serious problems with my new PC here and i hope anyone here can help me.

Originally i bought my Z77 Extreme9 together with a Gigabyte Windforce3 GTX 670 OC.
That Card ran without problems on the windows desktop and in normal office programs, but under load in 3d Games like BF3 and Prototype 2 it always produced bluescreens and freezes.

I testet the system with my old GTX 480 Card and the Problems where gone. So i thought it has to be the new one.
So i send it back to the retailer and he sent me another Gigabyte GTx 670 OC as exchange. That card had the same Problems again.

So i sent it back in and got a Palit GTX 670 Jetstream as exchange.

Now the Problems changed a bit:
I now get Bluescreens, Blackscreens, freezes, and most of all short system freezes every time i start my Pc with my new Palit GTX670 Jetstream with NVIDIA drivers. I even get these freezes when im on the Login-Screen of windows 7. They are occuring every 4-5 seconds for 3 seconds.

When i start a fresh installed windows 7 without the NVIDIA drivers, everything runs fine.

Today i tested a PNY GTX 670 too, and got the same Problems as with the Palit.

Now i dont know what to do...With my gtx 480, everything runs fine, but with no gtx 670 i tested.
Any suggestions?