Hi folks.

I'm looking for some help and advice with my dilemma. I bought a cheap second hand computer and when I looked inside it had the Asrock 939NF6G-VSTA motherboard with 1GB DDR memory(2x sticks) and an AMD Semp 3200+ 1.8Ghz processor in it. The person who sold it had stripped out any graphics card and SATA HDD's so I was left with an 80Gb IDE HDD and a Dvd writer. Sneaky. My dilemma is, do I throw good money at what appears to be a fairly old, but working well, motherboard using Win7 32bit O/S or not? If I do upgrade it then I'm looking to put a 1GB Graphics card (PCIE2x16), 4GB DDR memory(400/333/266) and SATA drives. I'm looking for advice on what graphics cards might be compatable (I believe pretty much any of the previously mentioned spec would work). I would appreciate any opinions, ideas or suggestions that might help. That includes scrapping it, if that's someones honest opinion.