I have just built my system with H77 Pro4/MVP. However it seems to have an issue when showing POST screen and UEFI setup.
The interface was too large to be shown properly on the screen and impossible to do UEFI setup.

I have searched the forum and found someone had the same issue with me:
Z77 Extreme 4 BIOS Dispaly issue in 2560X1440 monitor

I thought it might be caused by the monitor. Both of us were using 27 inch monitors with a resolution of 2560x1440. However these monitors from low-end manufactures often had only one port of interface (dual-link DVI), and had some issues when showing a uncommon resolution which asrock uefi bios used.

85256638's post didn't get any response, so I repost this one and wish bios engineers could find some way to resolve the issue without replacing my monitor. Thank you.

PS I am using a display adapter of MSI R6950 TF3. However I think it should do nothing with the issue.