I have just purchased an ASRock Vision HT 321B Mini PC system. Core I5 and lots of, power [compared to other minPCs, ;-)], lots of expandability in a very small form factor. I am replacing a Pentium 4 2.4 system, for general office/home use. Not for Gaming.
This is for my wife and she has been wanting a system that is physically small, but reasonable horsepower for her home office.
I have lots of questions regarding upgrading memory and mSATA disk, etc.

Is this a good place to talk to ASRock or others that are knowledgeable on these new systems?

I guess at the end of the day this is a ASRock HM 77 HT mother board

Unfortunately ASRock is not selling these systems with only 4 Gig of memory and has put a SATA v2 disk, in a SATA v3 port.

I want to max out the memory to 16 Gig (max of motherboard), and either replace the HD with a SATA v3 SSD or add an mSATA disk for the OS

the ASRock AVL list does not have any SATA V3 disk, or an 8 Gig SO DIMMs listed.

Any thoughts on either the technical upgrades or where to best get support?

Maybe Tweaktown could add an ASRock Mini-PC section to the forum????

I am very interested in everyone's feedback