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Thread: ASROCK M3A UCC M/Bd, Phenom II 4 Core 3200 MHz and FAST RAM recommendations

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    Default ASROCK M3A UCC M/Bd, Phenom II 4 Core 3200 MHz and FAST RAM recommendations

    Hello ASROCK Assistance Forum,

    I'm an "ol' geezer" [well-retired Mech Engineer] and am struggling with what should be an easy choice. I've done a week of days of the FAQs on various sites [inc this one] which have helped to frame the questions. In comparison to the other very technical questions in this Forum, I feel I'm in the wrong place - but I need ASROCK-specific help/advice. Which I can't find elsewhere - after a week of searching.

    Just bought [2nd hand] a complete tall tower PC with ASROCK M3A UCC m/board [Dual Channel DDR3], AMD Phenom II x4 core 840 3200 MHz processor and with 4 GB [2 cards] of DDR3 RAM of [as yet] unknown make but are of 1600 speed [last owner says]. I can take them out - if needs be - and check exactly what they are.

    It was used purely for playing Films/Music to a huge TV/cinema kit. He admits that it never did go on the 'net, but has a TV Card, Blu Ray/HDD DVD, CD, 2 HD [1x 1TB and 1x 60 GB C: Drive] and uses WIN7 Home Premium O/S.

    I have bought a Seagate 1 TB Extension HD to clear off the internal 1 TB HD and act as a back-up. This can use both USB 2 and 3 connections, but presently running on USB2. The m/board has two PCI Express slots [both short, and unused] and 1 long slot already used.

    The PC is quick [compared to the 1300 I had previously] but struggles when many windows in IE are open. I note the RAM is only showing 2.7 GB available, altho' Virtual Memory is now set around 10 GB - and that [I guess] is slowing the PC. I have followed the advice from the downloaded M/board Manual and looked up the m/board's RAM compatibility at ASRock's web-site. There are a hundred recommendations, all different sizes/speeds, SS/DS, etc. Problem 1: ASROCK's QVL for recommended DDR3's was last revised in April 2010 - so is not up-to-date. When I talked to Offtek's [Memory Retailer] assistance they recommended putting in 2 x 4GB 'cos I'll never have to replace them. Fine - except the only ASROCK rec'd 4 GB's are 1066. Then he added "You can run your old chips alongside the new ones" - but that doesn't fit with ASROCK's Cautions [in Manual] about using identical cards of make/speed. I'd rather leave them out than "mess up" something.

    The Offtek assistance states "Your machine requires ‘240 Pin DDR3 PC3-10664 - Unbuffered - DDR3-1333 - 1.5V - Non-ECC’ modules." Would you agree? I get an increase in size [at 2 x 4 GB] but the speed slows - I notice.

    I have read a LOT about SS/DS DDR3 RAM chips, speeds etc. And I am much wiser - and more confused. So my two questions are these: -

    1. With the above AMD & M/board, what would be ASROCK's recommendation for a fast 4GB RAM Card? Is the 1066 SAMSUNG still the only choice? I will be writing a book using the latest Dragon Speech Recognition software as my hands don't work at all well, and it's degenerative. So I do need to err on the side of ensuring it all works - rather than hold up my thoughts waiting for the PC to "catch-up" with me.

    I am happy to completely replace the present RAM [whatever make it is]. OR just add 2 more, new, identical, 2 GB cards to ensure it doesn't struggle with the Speech Recognition software and with my simultaneous research on the 'net. But - then if it does struggle - I've wasted my money on these new 2 x 2 GB cards. 2 x 4 GB cards make sense - as I can add another two - even if the 4 GB cards are slower.

    2. I can fit a USB 3.0 card [I am advised] into one of the PCI Express short slots to run back-ups to the new 1 TB extension drive faster/regularly. I have two free slots - PCIE1 & PCIE3. USB 3.0 is relatively new [it seems?] so I have done the FAQs on this also, to "get a grip" on the requirements/prices and which slot to use. I have read loads of reviews - but none mentioning this m/board. I have now two USB 3 cards in mind - both seem to have low incidences of compatibility issues. Can anyone give any pertinent advice/problems [or cards] to watch out for?

    Anyone with a "tried, now trusted" compatible-make of faster 4 GB ram - or using a particular make of USB 3 card - with this M/board would make my day/week/year! I'm not "miserly" - I just can't afford to make avoidable mistakes...

    Thanks very much - in anticipation of any "old fashioned" assistance. David.
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    Default Re: ASROCK M3A UCC M/Bd, Phenom II 4 Core 3200 MHz and FAST RAM recommendations

    Hi there,
    corsair CM3X2G1600C9DHXNV are compatible with you board also a good quality Ram.

    Western Digital USB 3.0 PCIe Card Model WDBFNJ0000NNC-WASN should be fine (see here) - Western Digital USB 3.0 PCIe Card Model WDBFNJ0000NNC-WASN

    Also you say (RAM is only showing 2.7 GB available) if your operating system (Windows)is only 32bit then it will only have support for 3gb of memory, reinstall a 64bit O/S and it will support up to 16gb of memory (DDR3).

    Hope that Helps.

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