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Thread: Z77 Issue that makes 0 sense....

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    Default Z77 Issue that makes 0 sense....

    Wel i was planning on selling my rig but no one bit so i plug it back in today and im left with a 'UEFI Defaults have been loaded.d Press F2 or DEL to run setup or Press F1 to continue. So im assuming in handeling i hit the reset CMOS button on back.

    Well im using a hardwired USB logitech keyboard and i cant seem to get past this screen no matter which option i choose. I also can get into regular bios by hitting F2 before this screen pops up. i just went and checked every connection inside and nothing is loose. i just dont get it. ive plugged my keyboard into every usb port available and still cant get a response.

    Its a very blank screen with my bios version, cpu, and total ram. Im so confused and ASrock support has been less then helpful. thanks!

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    Default Re: Z77 Issue that makes 0 sense....

    It's not uncommon for a PC that has had its UEFI/BIOS set to defaults to not recognize certain keyboards. I have an ASUS P67 board that when the UEFI is cleared will not recognize even Microsoft USB keyboards, I must connect an old PS2 connector keyboard to get into the UEFI by pressing F1. Wireless keyboards and mice also suffer from this same thing. As soon as I load my usual UEFI settings and reboot, my usual keyboard and mouse are recognized.

    This may be caused by the "Legacy USB" being set to disabled in the UEFI by default, or due to the UEFI clear, USB and other drivers are not found yet.

    Although the UEFI has been reset, they have not yet been saved and applied on the first start, so the PC is basically brain dead. If you could get past the first UEFI reset with a save and exit, your keyboard would likely be seen, but then you're stuck that it's not seen yet. See what I mean? That does not happen with a new board, since the UEFI settings were applied at the factory.

    In my case, my OS is on a RAID 0 volume, and after a UEFI reset, the SATA mode is set to AHCI instead of RAID, so the OS volume does not exist yet as far as the PC is concerned. I must get past that first UEFI reset to get the right settings, or any settings before it will work.

    I've found no other fix than to use an old keyboard to get past the initial UEFI clear and reset to load some UEFI settings.

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