Hey guys,
Gonna lump both my questions into one post.

1.) I just updated my BIOS to 2.20, but after pressing any key to reboot it never came back up. It seemed to be stuck and monitor was showing a black screen. Of course, I'm not a pro at this stuff, so I pressed the clear cmos button on the back and my PC fired up. Everywhere I look, it seems to be running on the 2.20 BIOS with no issues. Of course, I keep thinking what I did probably was not the best way to do things. I've read other posts on here, turning off the PC, unplugging power supply, removing the battery on the mb (forget the name) - none of which I did. Should I? Anything I need to check? I've updated my pc specs but I will list here too:
Asrock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3
I7 2600k @ 3.4
8GB ram

2.) I haven't updated any of the other drivers since buying the board last year. I see on ASROCK's site there is a newer version of the Broadcom LAN driver. I downloaded it but in the zip folder there are a bunch of folders/files and not sure which one I need to click on. I'm a gamer and figured if there is a newer version of the ethernet driver probably a good thing to keep updated. But maybe I don't? I've tried clicking "Update" from the installed driver in Device Manager and navigated to the Broadcom folder but it says its up-to-date which isn't true because the version of the driver I have is not the same as the one listed on Asrock's site. Thoughts?