Hello everyone,

I have a new rig and have a problem. there seems to be no VGA or hdmi signal to my monitor and therefore i can't post / get into the bios. Now I have tested my monitor with two other computers and that isn't the problem. I think I setup all the wires and connections properly, maybe the only thing that doesn't seem to work is the reset button of the U3 case, but i can always figure that out later. (Front panel switches seem to be odd to setup) I switched out the SSDs and both work on other computers. I can't test the Ram, my older computer is too old. I placed the RAM in both slots, a1,b1 and a2, b2 respectively.

basically, everything powers on, all three fans spin, the asus dvd drive opens, looks like the PSU is good. the CPU fan spins. everything seems to work except no vga or hdmi output, so i can't continue. What steps can i take to locate the problem? I have placed the cd for the motherboard in and out of the dvd drive on bootup, no difference.lol

I running out of ideas here, and would like to pin point the problem. How do I test to see if the motherboard is bad if everything else seems to work? also, when i boot up, should i boot up sans a Hard drive or Ram to try to test the components? not sure how to proceed.


the rig:
intel 3570k not oc'd yet. stock cooler.
asrock pro 3 z75 motherboard
2x4 gb. g.skill 2133 ddr3 1.65V F3-1700cl9d-8gbxm
either Crucial ssd M4 or Plexar ssd M3
rosewill u3 case
rosewill capstone 550w gold
asus dvd rw
asus monitor vga and hdmi connection.