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Thread: Some question about ASRock product quality, rate of dead on arrive

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    Default Some question about ASRock product quality, rate of dead on arrive

    Hi ASRock,

    I'm from Malaysia, recently there's a reseller in Malaysia make a statement that ASRock doesn't that rock.
    He stated that the rate of death on arrive is high for ASRock motherboard.
    I'm not sure he means it happens for ASRock Extreme 4 series (As he did mention this series in his statement is the best selling series).

    I'm looking for answer as I'm planning to get the ASRock X79 Extreme11, was it really that bad?

    Here is the link to the original post in Lowyat.NET, Malaysia
    Should i choose gigabyte mobo?

    And his statement in if you can't open the link.
    Google Gigabyte boot loop issues, as well as a bunch of other Gigabyte fiascos. We do not recommend Gigabyte mobos, only their GPUs. Asus mobos are hands down the mobos with least issues. The issues we are concerned with are not DOA problems which can happen to any boards. The issues here are known manufacturing defects, bugs, and glitches. Look at renown international gaming system integrators, they tend to stick to Asus, EVGA. MSI, Gigabyte, AS Rock is no where near the list.

    ASRock boards are over glorified. 80% of the people buy them due to their paper spec and color theme. Much higher DOA rate than Asus and a more painful RMA procedure despite 1:1 swap. Some dealers may alleviate this by advance exchanging with their own stock.

    So far the best selling ASRock board is the Extreme 4 which is priced fairly and has decent features and specs for motherboard at this price point.

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    Default Re: Some question about ASRock product quality, rate of dead on arrive

    Generalizing about any manufacture like that is always inaccurate. For example, to include EVGA in the list of good mother boards is statistically invalid, since they have a very small line of boards compared with ASRock, or any of the others.

    A brick and mortar PC retailer in the USA carries many ASRock boards, and includes them with their board and CPU combination deals, which are a great buy, so they sell many of them. If those boards were bad, with many DOA's, they would not use them in their promotions. They've had the EX 4 in their promotions since Ivy Bridge CPUs came out, and still do now.

    I bought one of those boards, an ASRock Z77 EX 4. It works fine, no issues, started up the first time fine. That guys comments about the performance is funny IMO, since in on line reviews, it did better than more expensive boards. Check Xbit Labs for reviews on many ASRock boards.

    If you compare boards by ASUS or Gigabyte, as I have, at the same price of the EX 4, the EX 4 has more features than either of them. So that comment about the EX 4 having decent features for its price is wrong, the other boards have fewer features.

    I have two ASUS boards that are twice the price of my ASRock board, and I think the ASRock board is just fine compared to them. It has features the others don't even have. It makes me wonder about the others. I'm close to buying another EX 4 board.

    Check out, an eTailer in the US. They have customer reviews on all their products, including mother boards, and they print bad reviews.

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