I have an Intel Core 2 Duo E6500 @ 2.93GHz (1066MHz FSB) and I just installed DDR3 @ 1333MHz clock speed.

I am trying to match RAM and CPU/FSB speeds.

I have tested and I can overclock the CPU to 3.4MHz with x10 multiplier, and probably a bit more, while keeping memory speed low with jumper settings.

I currently have the system overclocked to 3.13GHz CPU and 1254Mhz RAM.

Now, no matter what combination of jumpers, multipliers, cpu and ram speeds I try, I can't get 1333MHz RAM speed with any CPU speed.

Here is a link to my mainboard and the manual, jumpers are poorly explained in there, so if anyone can assist me, I'd be grateful.

ASRock > G41M-GS3

ASRock > G41M-GS3