Ive bought an unusual setup to play around with VMware esxi. I bought the 970 extreme4, FX-8120, 32gb of ram and I have a nas with 12tb in it with a 4 port network card teamed too a Cisco switch. want to host Iscsi targets on the nas.

I have 2x intelPRO/1000 MT dual port PCI adapters. I don't know if there is a limitation with the bios or the hardware but only 1 pci port is allowed too work. The devices that connect to the second pci slot shows up with "not enough free resources" in the device manager.

Ive tried a single port network card with a dual port / soundcard and dual port / ubuntu / winxp / newer bios / esxi also doesnt show the second card.

Is there something i can try to get both network cards working?

PS bandwidth is one thing i would like to try out (5 network ports teamed together :P) but separation of services within esxi is what its all about.

Ive tried the same deal with my fatality z68 gen3 (gaming machine) and both cards work flawlessly.