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Thread: X79 Extreme4 list of BIOS problems so far

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    Default X79 Extreme4 list of BIOS problems so far


    Don't know where previous post went and if it's somewhere here, I apologize and will notice mod to delete.
    Macro keyboard ...

    Anyway the list of problems I got with this board and I hope some1 from technical support is reading this forum:

    1) BIOSes 2.0 and 2.1 need clearing every day or two to maintain stability.
    CPU (3930K ES) is overclocked to 4.4 GHz at 1.280V (CPU-Z reading, BIOS is set to level 3, offset +0.02V, +0.004V TB volts).
    With 1.81A BIOS (and prior) CPU is stable at given voltage for 8+ days of 100% load.
    With newer BIOSes, it is stable at first but gives 101 errors after short period.
    CPU needs insane amounts of voltage to run at 4.4 (1.35V).
    Clearing CMOS results in normal operation (for limited time).

    2) There are problems with C3 and C6 functions - applies to 1.81A BIOS but had issues with 2.1 as well.
    System would randomly freeze (sometimes after half an hour, sometimes after 12 hours).
    Turning C3 and C6 off solved this issue although Windows are reporting CPU entering C3 state.
    But, enabling C3 only in BIOS results in freezing again but at longer intervals (day or two).

    3) C1E
    Enabling C1E results with massive problems with VMware workstation 8.
    About 80% of time VM closes with "internal error" message. Disabling C1E completely resolves this issue.
    Using C1E together with Speedstep results in computer lock during idle periods.
    Disabling Speedstep and using C1E only results in constant voltage under full load (which I like).
    By constant I mean that selected vCore is applied regardless if there is load on 1 CPU or all 12.
    But, again, using C1E only brings massive instabilities.

    3) Speedstep (2.10 BIOS)
    Eh ... Since speedstep selects voltage depending on CPU load, one can see it using 1.22 - 1-24V (from 1.28) when only 1 core
    is under full load. Of course, locking specific thread to single core results in BSOD (not enough voltage to CPU) after longer use.
    One can avoid this by using W7 default scheduler behaviour but this results in lower performance (I'm using VMware locked to specific core).
    Voltage oscillation depending on CPU load (not powersaving, but 100% load based on number of cores active)
    is present in 1.81A but system never freezes. Probably connected to error no.1.

    4) Aggresive SATA link management
    I've lost 2 days hunting this one down ... Since I'm using RAID setup this BIOS entry dissapears but it is still active.
    Rebooting in AHCI mode and disabling that option resolved BSOD issues with Intel RST drivers on SandForce2 based SSD.

    5) It would be nice if one could be able to select max turbo (and voltage) based on amount of cores active.

    6) Asrock support ... do they exist?

    Anyway, I thought about replacing this board with some other but I like layout and it has the slots that I need.
    So I'm hoping that this errors can be solved with BIOS updates and am willing to test beta's for feedback.

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    Default Re: X79 Extreme4 list of BIOS problems so far

    Uh oh, looks like a spam-bot has attacked!!

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