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Thread: ASRock A75 Extreme6 Problems

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    Default ASRock A75 Extreme6 Problems

    Hey there,

    I have had a pc built for me with the following specs
    Motherboard: ASRock A75 Extreme 6
    CPUCooler: Scythe Ninja 3 Rev B
    Videocard: GeForce GTX550 Ti
    CPU AMD A-8 3870K Llano Black Edition
    Powerfeed: Sharkoon WPM500

    (info also on my profile I believe?)

    And other stuff that is probably irrelevant

    Now the problem is that on first startup my CPU fan seemed very loud (I have tested this and I know its my CPU fan since I stuck my finger between the fan). After updating my drivers and updating my bios the CPU fan still remains very loud.

    According to my ASRock tuning software and my bios it is running at 1800+ RPM constantly, I have tried changing these settings in my BIOS and the Tuning software to no avail.

    Previously my case fan controls were also not working, but they are running at 1400 rpm on their lowest settings currently (which is ridicilous and not that quiet either), I got them to work after updating my Bios.

    Important note: Speedfan registers a different CPU fan speed than my BIOS and the Tuning software and cannot control the fan speeds at all.

    My BIOS is currently set to default settings (post bios flash) with Cool n Quiet enabled, disabling Cool n Quiet makes no difference.

    I was wondering if anyone knew a fix for this as I am hard pressed to take the 30 min drive back to the store to find out I could've fixed this.

    And yes, I have checked and the CPU fan is connected to a 4 prong CPU fan slot (CPU Fan 1)

    Additional info that might be relevant
    - My External HD (which only turns on when the pc is actually running) turns on when there's power to the case, motherboard, even if the pc has not actually been turned on.
    - BIOS version is 2.00
    - Latest motherboard drivers installed
    - Computer also hangs on boot screen, I need to manually press F11 and select my harddrive to boot from it.
    - Thermalpaste has been applied between CPU and CPU Fan

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    Default Re: ASRock A75 Extreme6 Problems

    The problem with the need to set the boot drive on each boot may be a clue to this problem. When you do that, did you set the boot order in the BIOS itself, or just from the F11 function? I don't know if the F11 saves that drive as the first boot device in the BIOS, you should check that.

    My point is it sounds like you are losing BIOS settings when you shutdown the PC, which may mean a bad battery. But you really need to check and set the boot order in the BIOS itself, and not from the F11 screen, so the battery may not be the problem.

    The fan speeds can be set in the BIOS, but the default settings are Full On. You should set those to Automatic for the CPU, and Manual for the other fans connected to the board. But you did that and it made no difference?

    So you have changed the fan speed settings in AXTU, and clicked the Apply button on the bottom of the screen, and nothing changes? There is also a checkbox on that screen, to Run at Windows Startup, which should be checked. If you adjusted the CPU fan setting to Level 1, the slowest speed, it still runs at 1800 RPM?

    Are your case fans connected to the mother board? If so, you should be able to control their speed with AXTU.

    You should be able to save the fan settings in the BIOS. If they are changed after a reboot, they are being lost, which usually means the boards battery is bad.

    The power to your external drive when the PC is shutdown is a feature this board has. You should read about these things in the boards manual.

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