Basically I have one question. I can't seem to boot from cd, even though i have changed the settings in my bios. Now I am not completely stupid when it comes to computers but i'm no wizard either, so if you get a blank look you know something you said has just gone past me like a hurricane :)
So i have a asrock n68c-s ucc p1.50 amd athlon II x2 250 Yes old I know. Problem being that i regularly format my hard drive. Now thats normally a problem with any motherboard i have had except this one !! Like i said before i have change the bios for cd first boot but for some reason the dam thing won't take it as that. I need to get into the windows disc to format. So thats my problem, i'm sure now you are going to be asking me all sorts of techie questions, i will try my best to give you answers in order to help me. Windows xp pro is what i'm trying to load(again, yes old i know but i like it)
thanks in advance