My setup; Z68 Pro3-M; i3-2100 LGA1155; CRUCIAL **8GB 2X4 D3 1600; Crucial 64 GB SSD; 500W PSU Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

My problems started about a week ago. The computer would randomly reboot, no rhyme or reason about why it was happening. I could run the PC for 5 minutes and it would reboot or I could be working on it for 12 hours and then it would reboot. I worked on making sure all drivers were up to date and every thing seemed to be in order with that. As my last attempt at trying to fix the problem I flashed the bios to version 2.3. When that completed successfully, I rebooted the PC as asked to do. The PC now boots into Windows Startup Repair and is unable to repair itself. So, now I have a PC that just keeps rebooting and trying to repair and can not access anything. Any help/advice would be appreciated.