One day I literally got home from work and my computer was turned off. I pressed the power button and nothing... I mean NOTHING. So I bench tested the PSU which powered up and tested fine. I tore down the entire computer and bench tested it on a box and it booted and ran. I put it all back together and it did the same thing. NOTHING at all. I started stripping everything down except essentials and it turned out to be the USB header that was preventing it from booting.

My computer now runs for a bit but then freezes up after 30min-1hr, BSOD's, and reboots only to read "boot manager not found Alt+Cntrl+Delete to restart". When I restart pressing f2 or delete won't let me into the bios. I need to clear the BIOS and then everything boots fine and runs again for 30min-1hr to start acting up again.

Any ideas here??

Thank you,

-Temps are in line
-Bios REV P1.30-15B