built bare rig to experiment with gaming configurations. was, and am, very happy with performance but am afraid to tweak at all as i got blue screen alerts 3x, when starting up, that these occured during shutdown. any ideas where to start? (excepting windows troubleshooting and trying to find answers on microsoft (to no avail), i have not dug any further or tried anything. the only drivers i've installed since i fired it up was a realtek update (someone said they put a graphic eq in the bundle) from the asrock site. have restore point for this event but was wondering if maybe this was an intel rapid start technology bug. i am a novice builder, when it comes to tweaking, but have been building rigs (with very few problems) for about seven years and maintain a house full of desktops and some laptops. (kids,etc.) i know just enough to be dangerous, so i'm open to suggestions.