Hello all, im new here and i wanted to say thx to all whom read my plea in this time of need...

as i said before i own an Asrock G31M-S mobo and im having problems with the integrated sound, i know its Realtek HD and the nature of the issue is that when correctly installed drivers, only the rear channels work and the front channels dont, i tried almost everything, reinstalling win7 x64, installing the drivers from MANY sources and all the ways i know (yes there is more than 1 way to update drivers) and i had some improvement (the rear right channel was the only one working) so thru Control panel > Hardware and sound > sound > speakers > properties > enhancements i checked the equalizer, speaker fill and voice cancelling check boxes i made the full rear channels to work, so there is where i need help, is there anything i can do to get this integrated sound to work properly or my only chance is to add a standalone sound card on the free pci slots?

help would be really appreciated
greetings from venezuela to all xD