I got an Asrock Z77 Pro 4 and a Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 OC to go with it.

The problem that I'm having (and some other people too, on this forum and elsewhere) is that the motherboard doesn't recognize the GPU on boot. On-board video output does work always.
When booting / resetting the CMOS my computer MIGHT boot up with the card detected, and everything works well until the next reboot. This is extremely random and I cannot reproduce a scenario where it would always be detected reliably.

Things to note:
- The BIOS/UEFI is up-to-date (1.50. Updated it in hopes of making it work, no help)
- Both card AND the slot support PCI-E 3.0 AND it is enabled when I managed to boot with the card (confirmed with GPU-Z)
- There is no output on ANY of the ports on the card (2x DVI, HDMI or DP)
- PSU not faulty, no performance issues or anything
- Card CONFIRMED to be fully working ingame (when it DOES boot up with it for some reason)
- Setting the PCI-E2 slot mode from "Auto" to "Gen1" 'fixes' the problem, but then it's only working in 1.1 mode and not 3.0, which it should. So this is not a solution.
- Changing the card from the 3.0-slot to the second 2.0-slot seems to 'fix' this issue according to googling. Haven't tried it, but also not a solution since it's performance drop.

Summary: Card IS working but is not detected properly: when it IS detected, it does work, but it's around > 5% of the time.

Other than this issue, I'm happy with my Z77. Any hope for a BIOS update or is this motherboard already out of the support timeframe?

Should I just try to downgrade/upgrade my BIOS and hope for the best? Is there any danger in downgrading the BIOS?