Prof. Jim, I was describing that for NateZ, not you, no offense, just FYI. Actually, we were writing our replies at the same time, and I walk away at times and come back, so a reply of mine might take an hour. Then I didn't notice your response when I left here to do something else.

OH Yes, some of the Newegg reviews are comical, some of the nonsense I've seen is incredible. Can you imagine some memory running at 2400+ the first time the board is started and trying to install Windows? That's why you must be careful basing purchase decisions on those "reviews". When there really is a trend in one direction, consistently over several pages, then it could be useful information.

Our debate over memory compatibility really wasn't a disagreement. When a memory manufactures states "XYZ Compatible" on the first page of their memory listing, that is what I believe is not specific enough. Talking to the tech support people should be good advice, but then I think about first or second tier mother board "support" for many companies overseas, and I get worried.