I got an Asrock motherboard (G31M-S R2.04 tag on mobo) to salvage a Shuttle SG31 with a dying motherboard, and am quite happy to find this seems successful (with Fractal case, not in the Shuttle box!).

A small problem, I can't get the sleep function to work in a Windows Vista 64 boot. I have dual boot, and in the Linux Mint 11 boot suspend is working like a charm. On the recovered Vista installation if I try to sleep, the screen goes blank for a fraction of a second but never suspends and the screen comes right back on. I did the INF driver install. The Vista install itself did not seem to require a reinsinstall - it was old and needed lots of updates (had not used it for about a year)) but now otherwise seems to have integrity.

Any ideas about how to fix this? We like to leave this box suspended about 95% of the time for quick access and low power use. I'm guessing maybe a problem in the INF driver or maybe the Vista install does need to be redone (or hacked). Thanks -