i have installed the ASROCK N68-VS3 UCC mainboard with the AMD Phenom II X4 965 CPU (3400Mhz) a few days ago. I noticed that the CPU does keep its clocking at 800Mhz maximum even under full throttle (e.g. playing a video game). I checked the BIOS settings and in the OC Tweaker everything is set to "auto" and under cpu settings cool'n'quiet is enabled. First i tried disabling cool'n'quiet, whithout a change. The CPU clocking did still not exceed 800MHZ. If i set "multiplier/voltage change" in the OC Tweaker to "manual" instead of to "auto" i get my 3400Mhz. But in this case cool'n'quiet does not work, so the CPU is always clocked with 3400Mhz. I played a bit around with the OC Tweaker options but with the same result. Either i get only 800Mhz in "auto mode" or i get permanently 3400Mhz in "manual mode". What i want is that i get my 3400Mhz on full throttle and on idle a lower CPU clocking. Basically, i want the cool'n'quiet function to work with not only 800Mhz at full throttle. Any suggestions?