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Thread: H55m Pro addon vga

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    Default H55m Pro addon vga

    Hello everyone,

    I have:
    CPU: Intel i5-660
    MB: Asrock H55m Pro
    GPU: Asus 560 ti top

    Yesterday I placed the video card in this rig and all went fine. Played for the whole day with no problems.
    Eventually I shut down the PC and went to bed. This morning when I started it the video card does not give me output.
    It does not light up showing it has errors at boot time and the fans are working normally.
    Thing is i plugged my monitor in my onboard VGA and it boots on the gma. In bios PCI Express has priority but is still uses the onboard VGA.
    I reinserted the videocard and still no go.
    Any thoughts on the matter?

    P.S.: Bios version is P2.20

    L.E. I placed the videocard in the second PCI Express port (white slot) and windows recognizes it. Now I have 1 monitor on each video card.
    Does this mean that my primary PCIe died or do i need to do some tweaking in bios? as it currently runs on default settings.
    I need the rig to work on a single vga card preferably the 560 :) as this second slot only has x4 lanes.
    Is there a newer bios i can try ? Should I re-flash with p2.20 or a older one? Are there any beta drivers apart from the 1.99 ones ?

    Thank you.
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