I've got an issue with 890GX Extreme3 MoBo. Its annoying bug in BIOS (using latest v. 3.10) which is auto setting up DRAM frequency in manual mode if I change timings manually. BIOS absolutely ignores my manual setting for frequency which is the lowest and sets DRAM freq according to timings. Just if I choose timings like 9-9-9-24 it tries to boot up with highest possible frequency for the DRAM which becomes 2000Mhz (FSB OC) and my memory modules just doesn't support it. So I just can't boot.
I need only to lower timings (from 6-6-6-20 to 9-9-9-24) without any frequency changing but I can't. Even if I set 8-6-6-20 it raises the DRAM freq to the topmost and impossible level and system wont boot. After 3rd fail I can see used DRAM freq at 1st screen of BIOS which is Main->System Overview. It says:
DDR3_A1:2048MB/1000Mhz DDR3_2000 and in OC Tweaker Memory clock is set to [600Mhz DDR3_1200]. But I set timings to 9-9-9-24 manually and thats the problem.