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Thread: ASRock 960gm U3S3 - New Build but Memory Interleaving Issues

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    Question ASRock 960gm U3S3 - New Build but Memory Interleaving Issues

    So I've finally done a full rebuild of my PC since the last several years and find that things seem more... problematic with the newer system.

    Originally migrated from an Opteron [email protected]@1.325v on air, using an ASRock 939dual-sataII with the modded 0.3xx bios. Had no issues with anything and stable as... a rock. However, with the rebuild I've been getting the occasional memory error. Parts were either bought new or used [with the board being new, ram used, CPU used] and the rest was a pull from my last build...

    Regardless of the ram timings and other miscellanious settings I will always get a memory error according to memtest86+ in the same exact addresses. Even down to the same matching good/bad bit matches and all appear back to back every few passes at Test #5 ONLY which is block moves/copies from module to module. After doing over several days of testing it comes down that these errors stem purely from the use of either Bank Interleave, Channel Interleave, or both of them. The error does not exist at all when both of them are disabled showing an issue with the interleaves.

    I get the following errors without fault and they are the exact same error each time they occur other than the address area based on option.

    Both Interleaving Options
    Address failure @ 00111780358 (4375.5) Good:0c000000 Bad: 04000000 ErrBits:08000000
    Address failure @ 00115780d38 (4439.5) Good:0c000000 Bad: 04000000 ErrBits:08000000

    BANK Interleaving Only
    Address failure @ 00122bc0698 (4651.7) Good:0c000000 Bad: 04000000 ErrBits:08000000
    Address failure @ 00126bc0678 (4715.7) Good:0c000000 Bad: 04000000 ErrBits:08000000

    CHANNEL Interleaving Only
    Address failure @ 000617152d8 (1559.6) Good:0c000000 Bad: 04000000 ErrBits:08000000
    Address failure @ 000657a52d8 (1623.6) Good:0c000000 Bad: 04000000 ErrBits:08000000

    What I find strange is that with channel only it's in a range not remapped around the memory hole. Even more odd that while nothing changes the addresses are always 64mb apart.
    However, swapping the sticks around did not yield any change in these results.There is no problem with both options disabled after over 100 passes of Test#5 and 20 passes of the full test set regardless the timings used. I cannot for the life of me figure out what's preventing them from being used unless it's either an issue with the ram [doesn't seem likely], the board [unsure, just bought new], or the cpu [Yet the IMC seems fine]. Everything is cool to the touch so overheating I don't think is the issue at all but I could be wrong as I tend to watch the temps closely.

    System Specs:
    +Ident: [Scarab]
    +State: [Unstable] [Under Testing] [Overclock: NO/Stock]
    |*Windows Server 2003 Enterprise R2SP2 [nLited]
    |*Ultra MicroFly SFF [Black/Grey/3xWindow]
    |-- FrontIN - YateLoon                  | D90BH-12        | [ 92x25mm /~ [email protected]/12v/[email protected]]
    |-- FrontIN - YateLoon                  | D90BH-12        | [ 92x25mm /~ [email protected]/12v/[email protected]]
    |-- BackOUT - GlobeFan                  | B/S1202512M     | [120x25mm /~ [email protected]/12v/[email protected]]
    |*CPU: AM3 - AMD Opteron 1389 RevC2     | OS1389WGK4DGI   | [CACYC-AC-1041CPMW / 9L12375J00184]
    |-- Max - @200x14.5 ~2900mhz / 1.200v
    |-- Min - @200x04   ~ 800mhz / 0.925v
    |-- CPUFan  - AVC                       | DS08025R12U-011 | [ 80mm    /~ [email protected]/12v/[email protected]]
    |-- CPUSink - AVC                       | Z8UH408003      | [Lapped w/ 2000Grit]
    |*MB:  ASRock 960GM/U3S3 FX             | ---
    |-- BIOS    - AMI                       | Official 1.20
    |-- NBFan   - Sunon                     | KD1204PFB2-8    | [ 40x10mm /~  [email protected]/12v/[email protected]]
    |-- NBSink  - ASRock NBSink             | Stock           | [---]
    |-- SBFan   - ---                       | ---             | [---]
    |-- SBSink  - ASRock SBSink             | Stock           | [---]
    |-- MOSSink - Enzotech                  | MOS-C1          | [CPU/NB Only - Need more for RAM/20+4]
    |*RAM: 2x PC3-8500F OCZ-Obsidian        | OCZ3OB1600LV2G  | [[email protected]/[email protected]]
    |*PCIe :0 XFX Nvidia GTX260 Black Ed.   | GX260NADBF
    |-- 2DMode @ c300/s 600/m [email protected] 
    |-- 3DMode @ c729/s1458/[email protected]
    |*PCIe :1 ---
    |*PCI  :0 AOpen Cobra AW744B-R
    |*SATA3:0 80gb Western Digital Caviar   | WD800JD
    |*E5.2":0 EIDE> Acer 40x CD-Rom         | 640A-172
    |*E3.5":0 Misc> SunBeamTech Rheosmart 3 | PL-RS-3
    |*PSU  :0 Rosewill CAPSTONE 650watt     | CAPSTONE650
    |*Disp :0 CRT-Hyundai ImageQuest p910+  | IMQP910+        | [MaxRes: 2560x1920 / ShadowMask / 19"]
    Case mods Performed: -Expansion of intake fan bay from 1x80mm to 2x92mm fan
                         -Replacement of 120mm Honeycomb Exhaust Grill with Black Inset FanGuard.
                         -Access holes in 5.25" bay to accomodate top-fit GFX PCIe Power
                         -Support Beam Reduced Outward to accomodate oversized HSF
                         -Front panel wires extended and routed through sides of front panel
                         -LED TempDisplay Power wire reduced and bridged to FrontUSB +5v.
                         -Silver Panel in front of fan intakes removed for better flow.
                         -Section of PSU Support rail removed to reduce intake restriction.
                         -Bottom faceplate internal layer removed for less intake restriction.
                         -Intake vents cut in bottom of faceplate for even more intake airflow.
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