I'll just go straight to the point, my mobo and GPU (Asrock X79 Extreme9 and ASUS GTX 680 DirectCU II) will not fit in PCI port 1 as it is 3 lanes thick, unless I take out the game blaster Creative Sound Core3D

So I put the GPU in PCI port 5 and it works but at PCI x8 speed ?

After experimenting with the BIOS settings I decided to put the GPU back in PCI port 1 (Recomended in the manual for single GPU) and remove the game blaster, it seems to work at first and GPU-Z confirmed at PCI speed x16 but the system becomes unstable with frequent lockups and sudden reboots even if left in BIOS stage.

I will try to get more info on BIOS version for both mobo and GPU but in the mean time, is there something that I overlooked, I already reset the BIOS to default settings and it's still not working.

Any help would be appreciated