I have an ION 330HT-BD which until relatively recently has happily been playing Blu-ray disks. The machine has a a Sony Optiarch BC-5500S BD drive in it which according to Sony web site is now an obsolete model. The only firmware they are offering (BC-5500S | Sony Optiarc) is a Windows installer and has a prominent message that it will be incompatible with OEM supplied units.

I am assuming that the BD encryption key on the device is now out of date and requires updating. Can anyone point me to a firmware update for the unit that I can use to update the unit, preferably one that I can install via Linux. Or indicate some other method of updating the keys(s). As a last resort, is there a replacement BD unit I can swap in for the existing one?

I have updated the motherboard BIOS to latest V1.20.