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Thread: Computer freezes about once a week, then clock breaks

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    Default Computer freezes about once a week, then clock breaks


    I own an Asrock z75 pro3. I built my own computer, worked perfectly for about the first 4 weeks, then I started having this weird clock issue. The clock was wrong all of a sudden, i replace the CMOS battery, and it fixes it for about a week. Then the computer will randomly freeze or blue screen, and next thing I know the clock is wrong again. Any idea on how to fix this or has anyone had the same symptoms? I have emailed ASrock and they will do a RMA, but I don't want to have to go through that. this is my first build and it would be a pain to tear it apart to mail in the motherboard... I have determined that the only time the clock breaks is when my computer freezes, then the clock stops in my BIOS. The clock won't fix itself until I replace the battery. If i replace the battery, it will fix it for a week. I've gone through 3 batteries, and I have even cleared the CMOS. Nothing works. What is going on with my computer...

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    Default Re: Computer freezes about once a week, then clock breaks

    I know you don't want to tear it apart. but it sure sounds to me like you have something metal shorting out the motherboard.

    I recommend you take it all out. make sure there are no stray screws. also confirm that you have the correct number of stand offs in the correct places and that none are touching vital places.
    Every screw hole that should have a standoff will have a ring of solder around the hole.

    turn the board upside down and shake it a little in case some piece of metal you cant see is on there.

    Let us know how that works out for you.


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