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Thread: Intel ME Firmware

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    Default Re: Intel ME Firmware

    Quote Originally Posted by parsec View Post
    What POST problem do you have related to IME? The only IME updates that are related to a BIOS update are for the Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge CPU compatibility updates.
    Hello there.
    This exactly is the problem I am having.

    I have already mentioned that I have Z68 Pro3 Gen3 motherboard with 2.30 BIOS. Currently it is installed with Sandy Bridge, and my original intention was to get Ivy Bridge in the near future. However it is not working fine with the Sandy Bridge installed.

    Here is the problem and I have divided it into 3 phases that I perceive when I turn on the PC

    Phase 1
    The PC gets stuck here for 40 seconds.

    Phase 2
    The PC does not get stuck, and it takes less than one seconds to leave this phase.
    Please notice that B4 changed to A2

    Phase 3
    The PC gets stuck here for 15 seconds until I see Windows logo.

    I seriously do not know what's wrong with it and it is quite questionable if installing ivy bridge would fix my problem (which I don't believe). It seems like there is problem with my motherboard not BIOS or Intel ME Firmware because I manually updated my ME Firmware again with the flag -ALLOWSV to overwrite the existing one.

    I will attach MEInfoWin64.exe screenshot too.

    Once again, thank you very much and any kind of reply is appreciated

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    Default Re: Intel ME Firmware

    Sorry, but I can't agree with your conclusion about the Ivy Bridge BIOS, IME version, and using an Ivy Bridge CPU. Also, you've had at least one failed or interrupted attempt at changing the IME firmware, so who knows what condition it is in now. Do you know that IME has an automated update, that is run with at least two entries in the Windows scheduled tasks feature?

    There is one major difference between your PC and mine. I have an Ivy Bridge Z77 board, you have a Sandy Bridge Z68 board. I can use both Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs on this board, and have just fine. I can use the IB BIOS on my board with a SB CPU. But when I changed CPUs, I did a fresh installation of Windows. I then run the IME installer for the first time, and IMO it sets things up for the hardware it finds.

    Still, there is a problem with the combination of SB chipset board, SB CPU, IB BIOS and IB IME versions. That is what you currently have, plus a questionable situation about your IME installation. I had my SB CPU in a P67 board, a SB board. When the IB BIOS versions appeared, I thought, these are not for me. I was right, as I later saw issues posted in that boards forum about users that DID change to the IB BIOS, on an all SB platform.

    You might, MIGHT, MAYBE will do better with your IB BIOS on an all SB platform if you reinstall Windows. Otherwise, the level of debugging the problems, if even possible, is beyond me now, and not something I want to spend time on, sorry to say.

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    Default Re: Intel ME Firmware

    Hey ya.
    Thanks for the reply.

    Apparently, I was able to identify the problem, and did the first-aid.
    I have been thinking that if my PC get stuck on B4 for that long time then B4 must be the keyword.
    Hence, I googled and found out that B4 denote USB Hotplug issues.
    So, I have removed all my USB devices, and wow no more hang up whatsoever.
    As next step, I plugged in usb device into every port one by one to isolate the problem.
    It comes out that USB3.0 ports are fine but all other USB2.0 ports are causing B4 at boot up.

    Also, the information where I got B4 is from some person who is having exact same problem as me, and he is using P67 motherboard by EVGA but by looking at the date he posted, it concludes that the problem cannot be from Intel ME firmware update because the post is too old.

    Anyways, thank you very much for your support and giving me advices and sharing thoughts were great help.
    I hope you are well, and take care

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