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While I agree with synack, are you saying the UEFI that ASRock uses (sourced from someone else) does not supply support for floppy disks recognition and configuration? That would be ridiculous, if the board has a floppy connector, and no way to switch to a standard BIOS that would support a floppy drive.

Or are you talking about launching the UEFI shell?
Those questions for me? or the OP? lol

This is what I know about the situation: (between posts here and on a windows forum)
After booting windows 7 via UEFI, the floppy controller is present and enabled in the device manager, but no "a:" drive shows up.
After booting windows 7 via BIOS mode, all is well.
I could be mistaken, but I'm sure that booting from floppy is not an issue. Maybe the OP could clear that point up.

The OP via asking questions on the windows forum and to the UEFI organization has determined that the issue must be ASRock not implementing floppy support in the "UEFI" bios. This was drawn from a response from the UEFI organization where they basically said "UEFI has support for floppies, contact your motherboard manufacturer."

What I was trying to explain to the OP was that they must have meant "during booting" as UEFI support for floppies would be irrelevant from a windows 7 (OS) perspective.
They may have made an assumption that the OP knew the context in which their answer applied, when they made the generalized answer.

Someone else from the other forum seemed to suggest that windows for whatever reason, disables the a: drive when booting from UEFI. However for the life of me, I cannot reason why they would.

I'm not sure what the issue might be however, I highly doubt the UEFI is at fault in this particular case.